Hand made cheeses from a Sussex dairy

Sussex Yeoman, a hard pressed cheese, matured for two months, with a moist yet crumbly texture and distinct flavour. Suitable for the cheeseboard and/or cooking. In wedges.

Saint George, a camembert-type cheese, kept in our maturing rooms for about two weeks. It can be eaten young, or will develop more flavour and 'run' as it matures. 275g.

Wealdway, a small log coated in herbs or spices. Very pretty, a useful dinner party cheese. 150g.

Wealden, a small crottin type cheese; very mature with a heavy crust, rustic and powerful. 60g.

Caprini, a soft cheese, marinated in herbs and oil in four flavours. Ideal for cooking or the cheeseboard.
With peppers, herbs, chillies and spices
Available in 1/2 litre glass jars and in smaller sizes.

Gun Hill, (smoked) gently smoked over Scotts Pine in wedges.

Little Garlic, a delightful log shaped cheese with lots of garlic and our own special blend of herbs. 150g - now with 30g extra free.

Wealdway Mature, a truly gourmet cheese, coated in edible charcoal with a white felt. Quite strong and delicious. 220g.

Wealden, a small cheese - cooks well, medium strength. Also good on crackers. 80g.

Wealden, a gently matured cheese, coated in herbes de provence, giving a slightly lemony flavour. 80g.

Saint Stephen, mild and delicate with a little garlic, parsley and chives. 100g.

Worldsend, now with juicy cranberries, or ginger. Ideal for cleansing the palate after a meal. Minimum weight 100g.

Aspire, a delicious strong tasting cheese in the shape of a cone. Not for the faint hearted. Will grow natural moulds.

Black Jack, an interesting hard, very mature and strong crotin type cheese, with natural harmless moulds and edible charcoal.

Strawberry Fields (forever), a soft creamy cheese with strawberries and black pepper. Our latest cheese, not forever, but just for the summer months

Martlet Gold - our cheese washed rind, quite powerful and pungent. Similar to a French Langres. 120g.

Celebration Cheese Cake